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            1.Not until I shouted at the top of my voice____ the danger.

            A.did he notice B.had he noticed C.that he noticed D.he didn't notice

            2.It's no use ____ to her about the importance of the document.

            A.to talk B.talk C.talking D.talked

            3.Peter_____ the driver's test,but he wasn't calm enough in the last ten minutes.

            A.might have passed B.must have passed

            C.will have passed D.ought to have passed

            4.____ born in the north,the author was brought up in the south.

            A.Although B.As C.Since D.When

            5._____ all the electronic devices,computers have the greatest significance in modern technology.

            A.With B.Of C.On D.By

            6.His English was so poor that he found it difficult to make himself ____.

            A.be understood B.understand C.understood D.to understand

            7.That is the very man _______ house was burned down last week.

            A.which B.of whom C.his D.whose

            8.I don't mind _____ all that way in such bad weather.

            A.going B.to go C.go D.whose

            9.You are responsible to ______ is in charge of sales.

            A.whomever B.whoever C.who D.whom

            10.He said that he had _____ to do with the accident,so he should not be questioned.

            A.nothing B.anything C.something D.everything


            11.The committee expects to come to a(decide)_____ within this week.

            12.None of us will have any trouble(solve)_____ such a problem.

            13.Whether we go or not is(depend)_____ on the weather.

            14.Please describe exactly what(happen)_____ on the campus last night.

            15.The girls happily look forward to(meet)____ the movie star at the party.

            16.If only she(know)_____ that her behaviour was not welcome,she would have been more careful with her manners.

            17.The woman is(fortune)____ in having an ideal husband.

            18.The football team hoped that they(win)____ another glorious victory soon.

            19.Since there is so little time(leave)____,nobody can fulfill the task.

            20.The teacher noticed some(improve)____ in my speech after I had practiced.


            Task 1

            People landing at London's Heathrow airport have something new to look at as they fly over Britain's capital city.It is attractive,simple and a little strange.The Millennium Dome(千禧穹頂)is a huge semi-circle of plastic and steel and it contains the largest public space in the world.It has been built to house an exhibition of all that is best in British life,learning and leisure.

            The Millennium Dome was designed by Sir Richard Rogers,one of Britain's most famous architects.His work points the way to new developments in building.Think of it as the giant symbol of the buildings in which we will all be living and working in the near future.

            Buildings are also a part of history.They express the culture of the times.Sir Richard Rogers is aware of this responsibility.While different designers have individual styles,their work also has a common style.That is:to express the values of the information age.

            What is an"information age"building?The Dome is a good example.After the Millennium exhibition ends,it will be used for another purpose.Just as people no longer have"jobs for life",modern buildings are designed for a number of different uses.

            Another Richard Roger's building,the Pompidou Center in France,uses the idea that information is communication.Instead of being hidden in the walls,heating pipes and elevators are open to public view.The Pompidou Center is a very honest building.It tells you how it works.

            21.The Millennium Dome has been originally built to hold an exhibition___.

            A.of different building designs.

            B.of everything that can draw the attention of people

            C.of the finest things in Britain

            D.of recent developments in information technology

            22.The sentence"His work points the way to new developments in building(Line 2,Para 2)implies that the designer Sir Richard Rogers____.

            A.has developed a new set of building standards

            B.strictly follows the tradition in his work

            C.is a pioneer architect of his age

            D.is the father of modern architecture

            23.Sir Richard Rogers clearly knows that it is his duty to _____.

            A.create something out of a unique style

            B.house those people who will often change their jobs

            C.make his buildings historic ones

            D.construct a building that meet the changes of the modern age

            24.The Pompidou Center in France is outstanding in the fact that____.

            A.people in it are able to visit each other conveniently

            B.visitors can see clearly the structure and facilities of the whole building

            C.it makes use of the best techniques invented in the information age

            D.it was designed and built by an honest British designer

            25.This short passage mainly tells us about_____.

            A.the unique contribution of a famous architect

            B.modern buildings of various styles

            C.a few developments in house-building

            D.the common features of British and French building

            Task 2

            Generally speaking,a successful approach to teaching conversations consists of the following basic steps:introduction,listening,reading and practice.


            Our goal in this step is to cover the entire vocabulary for the students'needs.The conversations should clearly show who the speakers are,where they are,why they are speaking,what their relationship is and what they are talking about.The students should answer questions or discuss the topic in pairs or groups.


            Before listening,it helps to further explain the more vocabulary.But in most cases,the students should be encouraged to guess the meaning of new words from the context.

            In the listening stage,the students need to practice understanding the main idea behind the conversation.


            When going through the conversation,we should spend some time explaining and discussing the material with the students.We should also help them overcome major obstacles(障礙)such as difficult vocabulary and complicated structures.

            Students may guess the meanings of new words form their relationship to familiar words.


            The students should try to extract(推導出)the purpose of the conversations.Hopefully this will make the lesson more relevant to(與...相關)the students'lives.They should practice extending the sample conversations to other real-life situations.This can be done in groups.Each group may choose a situation they are familiar with which uses similar vocabulary or sentence patterns.

            Language teachers should bear in mind these approaches to teaching.Only when practical communication in emphasized can we achieve our aim.]

            26.In selecting a conversation,the teacher should ____.

            A.know whether it will be useful in future

            B.be sure that the students know all the new words in the conversation

            C.ask the students to practice it first

            D.make sure that students can understand its purpose and background

            27.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

            A.The teacher should explain the meaning of all unfamiliar words.]

            B.There should be no difficult vocabulary in the conversation.

            C.The meaning of new words may be learned from the context.

            D.Vocabulary is the most difficult thing when students learn to talk to each other.

            28.In order to help the students learn how to carry on a conversation,it would be better____.

            A.to relate the topics to their everyday life

            B.for the teacher to give as many examples as possible

            C.to encourage the students to listen to the teacher before they talk to each other

            D.for the teacher to encourage the students to talk about their own life

            29.In the practice step,the students might be asked____.

            A.to read some materials before they begin to talk about certain topics

            B.to talk about their own topics with the words and patterns they have learned

            C.to find some interesting topics to discuss with their teachers

            D.to decide on their favorite topics in real-life situations

            30.What should be stressed in teaching conversation?

            A.Students should be taught to communicate in a practical way.

            B.Listening should be the first step in teaching conversation skills.

            C.The teacher should not talk too much in an oral class.

            D.Speaking is closely connected with reading and listening.

            Task 3

            An Advertisement on a Book about Nature

            For over 200 years,the natural resources of America have been rewarding us with a rich and wonderful life.And the astonishing beauty of the land itself may be the most wonderful of all.

            But the beauty that was once common across our land is slowly disappearing.In many parts of our country,the land can no longer be recognized for what it once was.That's why,22 years ago,the America the Beautiful Fund was founded for the preservation and restoration(恢復)of the natural wonders of America.With your help,we can keep restoring the land to state(狀態)that the past once knew.And preserve it,so future generations can see for themselves what it is that made America great.

            Support the America the Beautiful Fund.The future of our land may depend on it.

            To send donations(捐款),or for more information,write to:America the Beautiful Fund,219 Shoreham Building,Washington,D.C.20005.

            An Advertisement


            Location of the advertiser:the city of ___________(32)

            Current situation in America:the beauty of the land is _______.(33)

            Aim of the Fund:restoration and _________(34)of the natural wonders of America.

            Purpose of the Advertisement:asking for___________(35).

            Task 4

            A.Marketing:A focus on the Consumer

            B.Marketing in the organization:An overview

            C.The changing marketing environment

            D.Ethics and social responsibility in marketing

            E.Consumer behavior

            F.Collecting and using marketing information

            G.Market segmentation,targeting,and positioning

            H.Developing new products

            I.Marketing channels and wholesaling

            J.Physical distribution


            L.Sales promotion


            N.The planning phase

            O.International marketing

            P.Marketing of services







            Task 5

            Dear Sirs,

            Printed Cotton Piece Goods

            We are importers of textile(紡織原料)and manufactured cotton goods.We have recently concluded some satisfactory business with the Metals and Corporation,Beijing Branch.We now have a good demand for the captioned items(標題所列商品)and therefore write to you in the hope of establishing business relations.

            From your recently published catalogue,we notice that you are able to supply printed cotton piece goods.We should be grateful if you would kindly send us some samples of the goods which you can supply together with a price list giving details of packing and weight so as to enable us to go fully into the possibilities of business.

            We look forward to your early news in this connection and trust that through our mutual cooperation we shall be able to conclude some transactions(交易)with you in the near future.

            Yours faithfully

            The Eastern Textiles Company

            General Manager

            Adam Smith

            36.What's the purpose of the importer in writing the letter?

            37.How did the Eastern Textile Company get the information of the goods?

            38.Apart from the price list,what else does the importer ask the exporter for?

            39.What details will be given in the price list of the exporter?

            40.What is the importer likely to do after receiving a satisfactory reply?

            To consider the possibility of _______________________.


            41.Unless the problem of talents and funds is solved,talking about the task is useless.





            42.The output value in the first season was ten per cent over the same period of last year.





            43.Having been given such a good chance,how could she let it get away?





            44.The present question is that many people consider impossible what is really possible if effort is made.





            45.Daniel(丹尼爾)Company has been producing a certain pesticide(殺蟲劑)for many years.This pesticide has been the company's main money-maker for the past few years.However,a recent study by a researcher within the company has shown that this pesticide may cause cancer in rats.Thus,the researcher wants to discontinue production immediately until further studies are more definite.


            Directions:This part is to test your ability to do practical writing.Suppose you are going to apply for a job.Now fill in the application form with the necessary information.You can make use of the hints in Chinese.

            Family Name_________ First Name___________


            Tel.No._____________ Date of Birth__________

            Place of Birth_________________________________


            Marriage Married Divorced Single

            Educational Records:



            Employment History:









            Words for Reference

            文學學士學位BA,兼職part-time job,招聘seek for
















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